Please find below various testimonials from previous patients.

“Mr Nadeem Ali has given me a new chance at life and I cannot thank him enough. It’s hard to put into words how lucky I feel to have met him and have him operate on me. He gave me hope that there were options to my problem which I did not think were possible given the negative outlook I received from other specialists.

The result of my surgery exceeded both our expectations and for the first time in ten months I have single vision without prisms.

Not only is Mr Ali fantastic at what he does he is also a very kind, caring person who will go out of his way to make you feel comfortable and answer any questions you may have. I have huge amount of respect for Mr Ali as not only was he good to me he was also very considerate to my mother who was with me the whole time.

I really want to wish Mr Ali well and thank him again for using his gifts to make other people’s lives better.”

Ms A.S. – Australia


“During a routine annual medical check it was established that a squint was to be monitored, over some years this deteriorated to the extent surgery was the only option to maintain my flying medical license. I was referred to Dr Ali and within days a consultation was arranged and surgery within few days after. The outcome was extraordinary. Before seeing Dr Ali an angle of 45 corrected to 4 just a fortnight or so after surgery. This was an astonishing result and we had not expected it. Because of this result I am able to continue my flying career, without the surgery this would not be possible. My family would like to extend the greatest of gratitude for being attended to at such short notice and being blessed with such great results.”

Capt XXX (name supplied)


“As someone who has suffered with a squint from a young age, and having undergone numerous corrective surgeries with varying degrees of success I was told by my doctors in my country to “get used to it” and had thought that there is nothing that could be done any more. On my husband’s insistence, we sought further specialist advice from Mr Nadeem Ali at the Moorfields eye hospital. Mr Ali was very supportive, understanding and patient throughout the initial consultation. Given my previous experience with eye doctors, I was very apprehensive, but Mr Ali reassured me consistently and managed my expectations throughout. Mr Ali successfully operated on my eyes and they look much better, both from an alignment and scarring perspective. Most importantly, it has improved the quality of my vision. My strabismus affected my confidence and impacted my personal and professional life. I feel much happier and more confident now, and look forward to new challenges, the first of which will be learning to drive. I am grateful to Mr Ali and the team at Moorfields eye hospital for their care and professionalism.”

 Mrs M.S. – Canterbury


” Mr Nadeem Ali performed an eye surgery to correct my severe diplopia in October 2017.  I can honestly say that the result of the operation exceeded my most hopeful expectations.  In February 2017 I was involved in a very serious car accident as a result of which my vision was very severely affected.  For a number of several months I was convinced that my normal personal and professional life was over.  Then I had a consultation with Mr Ali and as a last resort to improve my life, I decided to undergo a private procedure.  Today I am back at work, I drive a car and I am as fully confident person as I was before.  Mr Ali gave me back not only my eyes but my whole life!  It is so comforting to know that there are specialists like Mr Ali who are able to transform our lives from total despair into heights of happiness! He is not just a surgeon, he is an artist additionally blessed with a lovely personality and very professional manners.  I would recommend Mr Ali as a best surgeon in the world and I know that the operation was worth every penny I spent.  Thank you Mr Ali!”

Mrs R.G. – London


“I found Mr Ali to be very professional and extremely helpful. He explained my condition and the operation procedure in easy to understand terms. The operation went extremely well and the support I received was superb. My sight is much improved (I was getting doubling of my vision which Mr Ali corrected) and I am very pleased with the result.”

Mr J.M. – London


“Having had two unsuccessful operations for my variable squint as a child; I found Mr. Nadeem Ali through researching specialists in adult squints. The consultation was excellent, everything was fully explained in a professional manner with occasional bouts of Mr. Ali’s dry humour which put me at ease. The experience, from all of the team was exemplary and my results have been fantastic! I can’t express how much happiness this operation has brought me. I would highly recommend Mr. Ali and his team to anyone considering squint surgery. Thanks a million!”

Miss J.H. – Staffordshire


“Mr Ali is an outstanding surgeon who inspires confidence.

Prior to surgery, my eye muscle imbalance was measured at 18 dioptres at distance and 22 dioptres at near. Seven months after the operation it is now 2 dioptres at distance and 4 dioptres at near. This is a considerably better outcome than predicted by another eye surgeon I visited prior to seeing Mr Ali, who thought that my squint could be improved to 10 dioptres for both near and far vision.

The success of the operation has made a large difference to my life. I am now able to read without feeling nauseous. Since the operation I have had far fewer headaches, and I have not had any migraines.

Mr Ali’s surgical abilities are allied to a personable character and a reassuring manner. He is an excellent communicator and is able to explain clearly what surgery will entail. I would also like to extend my thanks to Chris Timms, the orthoptist who works with Mr Ali, who also helped to make the pre-surgery and post-surgery consultations a pleasant and positive experience.”

Mr P.B. – Nottinghamshire


“I cannot praise Mr Ali enough. At my initial consultation my squint was measured at 60-65o, so was quite large, but Mr Ali was confident that he could correct it with surgery. He answered any questions that I had and made me feel at ease. Two weeks later I had the surgery and the result has exceeded my expectations; my eyes are completely straight with no angle to measure. I now feel more confident and have 3D vision, which has been an eye opener. Mr Ali is not only an extremely skilled surgeon but clearly has a passion for what he does and I’d recommend him to anyone with a squint. My care throughout has been second to none and I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me.”

Miss T.S.


“After previous eye operations and a large squint having returned, I would not have been happier to have found Mr Ali and see the results he has achieved.

Calm, patient, professional and bringing confidence in his expertise, my eyes have never been straighter or myself so pleased with how they look.

I feel only blessed to have ended up choosing Mr Ali as my consultant & surgeon, truly the best and someone who you can trust to care and only achieve the best he can for you

Thank you”

Miss J.H. – London


“I was referred to Dr Ali to straighten a lazy eye. Having had no previous experience of Dr Ali or the services of Moorfields hospital I was delighted with the service and treatment I received. The hospital provided me with exceptional care during my treatment as well as providing exceptional after care. Dr Ali and his team explained the process to me in detail and I felt at ease throughout with the result being an almost complete repair of my lazy eye. I would have no doubt in recommending Dr Ali to anyone who requires his services and that of Moorfields hospital.”

Mr W.C. – Cambridgeshire


“We cannot express our gratitude to this wonderful Doctor who helped our son become a normal boy again after months and months of endless visits to many professionals.

From the moment we had our consultation we knew that Mr Nadeem Ali would do his absolute best to resolve our son’s eye condition which was causing him physical and mental stress. Apart from his very apparent expertise in his field, his compassion and empathy towards our son gave him and us the confidence we needed.

As a result of the treatment he received, we could not have expected such immediate results which were far beyond our expectations. Our son now leads a happy and fulfilled life, full of confidence, and has not looked back since.

Thank you Mr Nadeem Ali, you will never really know what you have done for our family.”

The M Family – Cyprus


“Very pleased with the initial assessments where Mr Ali reviewed and let me know my options for surgery. The surgery was outstanding, as the results have been more than I could have expected. The doctor-patient experience has been good. Exceedingly pleased.”

Mr G.N. – Georgia, USA


“I found Mr Ali on his website and booked an appointment ASAP. After the initial consultation, I had the operation for my squint within 10 days. Absolutely delighted with the results. Mr Ali is a fantastic surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone with a squint problem.

Mr J.C. – Manchester


“Thank you very much for the excellent treatment and care I received. I and my friends and family are very satisfied with the results.”

Mr N. – Norway


“Everything was excellent. Dr Ali – I think he is perfect doctor”

Mr A.S – Kuwait


“I am an airline pilot that was diagnosed two years ago with eye squint and double vision. My degrees were 25 degrees for far and 12 degrees for near. This almost left me without a job and to lose my medical clearance. I found Dr Ali, he did my eye squint surgery on both eyes and the results were outstanding – ZERO degrees in both eyes far and near and no double vision at all – eyes completely aligned. Now I am flying again and enjoying my life thanks to Dr Ali. Dr Ali was amazing – very welcoming. I am very happy with what he did and the result of the operation”.

Capt … (name supplied)


“I found the service from start to finish to be first class. Everything that was proposed was delivered and more. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to family and friends, or indeed anyone else for that matter. I would like to thank all involved for the life-changing results achieved.”

Mr E.H – Northern Ireland


“I’m extremely happy from the final result. I was so comfortable as Dr Ali’s patient. The treatment at the hospital was outstanding, I felt like I was at home. I had two previous squint operations with a different Doctor that didn’t succeed. My third operation was with Dr Ali that has thankfully succeeded. I’m very grateful that he was my Doctor; he really left me beyond satisfied with my end result. ”

Miss F.B – Kuwait


“Mr. Nadeem Ali is a genius – and a kind and gentle one too!  Having suffered for 5 years from extreme double vision after an accident in France, he has, in two operations, restored my normal sight and I am once again able to drive, to read, and to live a life where everything is in the ‘right’ place once more.

From my first encounter with him at Moorfields, I was impressed with the clear way he explained what he could do and how he would do it, and prior to each operation, he and his excellent team described in detail the procedure and the expected result of the surgery.

Follow-up care was equally impressive:  he is a doctor who loves his work and is able to pass on his confidence to his patients.”

Mr J.S.- France


“I received squint surgery to both eyes from Mr Ali. Prior to the surgery I was in the highest level of Fresnel prism available. Post surgery (within one day) my prism was no longer needed and my eyes are now in perfect alignment. The surgery and service I received from Mr Ali was first class and all the questions I had were answered quickly and with a full explanation. I could not have asked for more. I can’t thank Mr Ali enough.”

Mr R.S. – London


“Mr Ali inspires confidence in his patients through his exceptionally professional manner, matched only by the warmth of his personality, both of which make one feel at ease. I had revisionary surgery for an adult squint and would recommend Mr Ali for anyone contemplating eye surgery. The result for me is life changing and I feel I owe him much.”

Mrs C.P. – Surrey


“I am most grateful to Mr Ali for carrying out a successful operation to correct an extreme squint.”

Mr M.D. – Worcestershire


“I feel that the procedure went very well and I am happy with the results so far. The way everything has been dealt with was excellent and Mr Ali has been able to put my mind at ease whenever I have been concerned.”

Mr I.B. – Kent


“Excellent service, really pleased with the way the operation went. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Ali for his excellent work and understanding of my operation.”

Mr P.G. – Kent


“My surgery was just “OUTSTANDING.” Dr. Nadeem Ali & Staff did a superb and amazing job and I thank them for all for what they have done, to help me to see better and to make living a whole lot easier. Thank you.”

Miss A.P. – India


“An excellent service and an excellent result from surgery for my squint by Mr Ali. I would definitely recommend him without hesitation.”

Mr A.Y. – Leicestershire


“An outstanding job! A massive improvement in the appearance of my eyes and a great standard of care and after-care turned apprehension over surgery into a great experience. Many thanks.”

Mr T.W. – Surrey


“I just have to tell you how amazed I am with the results of my surgery. Not only are my eyes aligned but I have never in my life had vision like it! No objects in the wrong places and I tried 3d tv and I could see it!!! it’s truly life changing and I can’t thank you enough. The surgery has totally exceeded my expectations and I feel I’ve got my life back. I am just so happy that found you as my surgeon and as said before I can’t thank you enough.”

Mrs P.S – Rutland


“What an incredible turn-around! My eyes are like new! Nadeem is such a talented man and has such care with his patients! I strongly recommend him to anyone who feels they need surgery! Thank you so much. It means so much to have my eyes the way they are now.”

Miss F.R. – Surrey


“I felt that the whole experience was fantastic in regard to all the staff and surgeon. They were very professional and made me feel at ease and informed me about every step of the procedure. I would recommend Mr Ali and his staff to everyone. They have truly made my life better and given me a new sense of confidence.”

Mr K.P. – Middlesex


“I would like to say that Mr Nadeem Ali has been outstanding from start to fininsh and I am delighted with the outcome.”

Mr S.H. – London


“Very pleased with the service received. Mr Ali had a very nice manner and made me feel comfortable and put me at ease during the whole process. I was impressed with the outcome of my surgery.”

Mr J.H. – Wales


“I am exceptionally pleased with the result of the surgery, as well as the entire experience at Moorfields Hospital. Mr Ali is not only a highly skilled surgeon, he also has a very caring personality that made me feel very comfortable throughout the treatment. The same applies to his entire team. Thank you very much.”

Mr M.S. – Luxembourg


“Absolutely thrilled with the results. From a 45 degree squint down to a 2 degree squint is just amazing and the operation has been completely life-changing and I have finally got my confidence back to move on with my life which was so badly affected by the squint before. Thank you to Nadeem for being so kind and helpful with the pre and post op and achieving such amazing results.”

Mr B.W – Kent


“Fantastic service. Very pleased with the results. Mr Ali provided thorough advice before my surgery and great follow-up care afterwards. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Miss J.S – London


“Mr Ali was absolutely fantastic throughout my consultations and my surgery. I do not feel I could have been in better hands. I will always be grateful to him for the excellent care and treatment I received before, during and after the procedure.”

Miss L.A. – London


“I came to see Mr Ali because I was suffering from double vision, which was causing my eyes to become sore, especially at the end of the day. He suggested squint surgery to fix the issue and I was able to get an appointment within a week of confirming I wanted to go ahead. On the day of the operation, I was kept fully informed at every stage, with the nurse, anaesthetist and Mr Ali sitting down with me to discuss about what was going to happen. This made me feel incredibly at ease when it could have been a nerve wracking experience. There was quite a lot of waiting around but once I was taken down to surgery, everything was very efficient. I felt looked after once I came round from the anaesthetic and the food, which I chose ahead of time was surprisingly good! Again, after the operation there was a bit of waiting around so I was glad to have my fiance for company. After a day or so, my eye was already starting to feel better and a week later it doesn’t even look as if I had an operation! I have no bruising, no bloodshot and my vision is so much better! I’m very impressed with Mr Ali’s work and would definitely recommend him!”

Miss A.T. – London


“Very happy with the surgery. It went beyond my expectations and has made life all that bit easier. Mr Ali was very easy to talk to and explained everything and made me feel very comfortable”

Miss G.K – Ireland


“The surgery went extremely well. The outcome is the most satisfying result I can imagine. The service was also very good. Kind and helpful staff, nice environment.”

Miss L.Y. – China


“We found Moorfields on the website. We were efficiently directed to the practitioner who would assess my daughter. Mr Nadeem Ali identified her condition and advised the way forward. Once we had decided to pursue the recommended route, Mr Ali attended to us in the most professional manner ever. He put us at ease and we could tell that his wealth of knowledge and vast experience would be invaluable. Most importantly he has to date achieved the desired results. Mr Ali has a wonderful bedside manner and we got the impression that he truly cared for the wellbeing of his patients above and beyond the call of duty. Everyone visiting Moorfields should try and see Mr Ali.”

Miss C.L. – Zimbabwe


“Having lived with an increasingly prominent divergent squint for a number of years, I plucked up the courage to have it operated on when it began to give me problems with my vision. The operation and all possible problems were explained to me clearly by Mr Ali and I was looked after well on the day of the operation. I wish I had had this done at a much earlier stage as it has been very successful.”

Dr M.S. – London

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