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How to choose a squint surgeon

If you are thinking about having private squint surgery, the most important decision you have to make is who should do your operation. You need to find somebody who you can trust, somebody who listens to your problems and who understands the effect they have on your life.

Your surgeon needs to be able to communicate with you well, so your questions are answered to your satisfaction. But your surgeon also needs to be a highly-trained squint specialist, an expert in treating the full range of squints, with excellent surgical outcomes.

It is important to understand that there are two types of eye surgeon who do squint operations. The first is a general eye surgeon, who may do cataract and other operations, while also doing some squint operations. The second type is a specialist squint surgeon, who has made squint surgery his or her area of specialisation, and is focused only on squint surgery. If you want the best treatment for your squint, it is recommended to seek out someone who is a specialist squint surgeon.

Even among specialist squint surgeons, there are very few who specialise just on adult squint surgery. Most squint surgeons actually perform mainly children’s squint surgery which is very different, and much simpler, than squint surgery in adults. There are very few squint surgeons in the world who are 100% specialised on squint surgery in adults.


Why choose Mr Ali?

Nadeem Ali is one of just a few surgeons in the world who is 100% focused on squint surgery in adults. He is a Consultant Adult Squint Surgeon at the world famous Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. Patients come to his private clinic from across the UK and from around the world.

Mr Ali was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and studied medicine at Gonville and Caius College, the leading medical college in the University of Cambridge. He graduated with a Triple First Class degree and came top of his year-group for two years. He was awarded 15 Prizes including the prestigious Schuldham Plate for being the top student in College in any subject. In this period, he conducted research on eye movements with Prof Roger Carpenter in Cambridge and in visual neuroscience with Prof Hollis Cline in New York.

Following his basic medical training, he spent the next seven years pursuing ophthalmic training in the Northern Region, mainly at the Royal Victoria Infirmary. He did his Fellowship in Squint Surgery with Mike Clarke, who is a world expert in squint and lazy eye treatment.

He did a further Fellowship at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London gaining experience in neuro-ophthalmology, including complex eye movement disorders. He was then appointed at Consultant level to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, where he was privileged to share operating lists and clinics with the internationally-renowned (now deceased) squint expert, John Lee. In this period he gained extensive experience in the advanced treatment of squint and double vision, including advanced surgical techniques.

Mr Ali now works as a permanent Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital and runs outreach clinics at St George’s Hospital. He is in charge of the continuous audit for squint surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital, monitoring the safety of all squint operations performed in the Trust. He has received an NHS Hero award for patient care.

Mr Ali trains Fellows from the UK and abroad at advanced level in squint surgery. He a keen teacher and is in charge of the Ophthalmology course for medical students at St George’s Medical School, University of London, where he is an Honorary Senior Lecturer.

Mr Ali is an expert in adult squint surgery including:

  • Squints in adults left over from childhood
  • New squints in adults
  • Double vision in adults
  • Squint surgery with adjustable sutures
  • Re-do or revision squint surgery
  • Previous unsuccessful squint surgery
  • Second opinions on adult squints
  • Complex squints Squint and eye movement problems due to neurological disease (eg nerve palsies, MS, stroke, myasthenia, CPEO)
  • Squint and double vision due to thyroid eye disease Squint and double vision after trauma (head injury, face fractures)
  • Squint and double vision after brain surgery and eye surgery

Mr Ali performs all his private squint operations at Moorfields Private, the private wing of the world-famous Moorfields Eye Hospital. This means patients can be assured they are receiving the highest standards in care available. He works with a hand-picked team of orthoptists who do measurements on your eyes in clinic, and anaesthetists who specialise in squint surgery anaesthesia, making surgery safe and calm experience.

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  • About Mr Ali

    Nadeem Ali is one of just a few surgeons in the world who is 100% focused on squint surgery in adults. He is a Consultant Adult Squint Surgeon at the world famous Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

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